the I is what it does, the sum, or
some complex rhythm, but we’re
unheld, so no matter, except
for the I, that’s enough.


I thought I felt the seed take. I
agreed to shuffle, to let
winds or calmer hands arrange.
I think the seed took, but then
I forgot. And look here. Suddenly
numbers to search and rue. The numbers
nod to time and proof. Each hurt
handed over, put away.


we’re standing, not touching. we’re
talking sideways, we’ve never met, but
we love the idea of the you, so I love
you and we’re looking at the picture,
or the neighborhood or the ice in the dams
and we look fresh point to point,
consulting, making a picture ours. we
make a show, look from this point to that, while
we hold a little candle at the corner, our
silent agenda, our joy. we’re not touching.